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Jacket / Coat Making

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The purpose of this module is to help individuals achieve level 6 NVQ (UK) in coat making. It will also equip the learner with the intricate skills required of a practitioner.
This would give the learner an opportunity to become proficient in jacket making, enabling employment opportunities at the highest Savile Row Bespoke standards.
The roadmap for this course includes daily lectures on topics and tasks. Students will be continuously assessed using formative and summative assessments.
It would also seek to develop Practical skills, techniques and processes for the making of various styles Top Coats and jackets.

What you will learn

● Various Jacket Styles
● Preparation of canvas & darts
● Welt pocket
● Double jetted pocket
● Double jetted pocket with flap
● Preparing front edge and facing ensuring extreme care not to distort front edge
● Cutting linings
● Preparing and attaching collar securely
● Making up sleeves and inserting
● Buttonholes
● Sewing on buttons securely
● Following instructions to a high level
● Confidence in hand sewing skills
● Consistency in standards
● Understanding the correct way to press a jacket ready for delivery
● Neat and functional pockets
● Facing applied with correct amount of ease
● Neat front edge with no warping
● Inlays stretched to avoid tightness
● Excellent hand finishing and functional buttonholes which will withstand constant use
● Pressing smoothly, ready for delivery

Course Features

  • Lectures 200
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English, Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Hindi, Russian, Spanish
  • Students 31
  • Assessments Self


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